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Maureen Ann Charter Fishing Boat  - Onset, Cape Cod Massachusetts

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Our prices will be the same as they were last year for bottom fishing season. $130.00 per person We take parties of 6 people  ($780 for a 6 hour trip.) This includes all bait and tackle as always. We are taking deposits on all dates between May 17th and June 18th including Memorial Day weekend.for the Porgy and Sea Bass season. The fishing is fast and furious this time of year. You will go home with FISH. We can accept credit card payments over the phone. Please call me (Kevin) on my cell phone at 401-556-0505 to make a reservation. A deposit of $ 150 is needed to reserve a date. 

June 15th we start full day fishing for Stripers/Blues/Fluke. These are 8 hour trips that leave Onset and go down Buzzards Bay or over to Vineyard or Nantucket Sound. The cost is $130 per person or $780 a boat. A variety of different fish during the best \weather of the year. 

Starting in July  we will be fishing south of Martha's Vineyard for Tuna, Mahi, and Sharks. This is a 12 hour trip that takes you 15 to 30 miles South of Martha's Vineyard for warm water fish that travel up here on the gulf stream eddies in the summer Trips will $1000 for up to 6 people. Be ready to FISH!

Stellwagen Bank and Cape Cod bay will be our destination for Giant Bluefin. This intense demanding day of fishing leaves the dock at 2 AM  and returns the following afternoon. This is a chance to catch the biggest fastest and most valuable fish in the ocean. Parties of 4 are $1200. There are a lot of details so call and I can fill you in. These fish usually arrive in July and stay through October. We will only take you if the bite is ON and of course we would need at least OK if not good weather, so a certain amount of flexibility  in scheduling is helpful. 

Family Fishing. On the other end of the Spectrum from Tuna Fishing is a four hour family fishing trip. We stay in upper Buzzards Bay or go through the canal to the nearby parts of Cape Cod Bay. Bait and all Gear is provided, and guests can decide how hard they want to fish. This is not the  intense fishing of the Spring but there are always some fish around and you never know if you will catch a big one. $400 for up to 6 people.

We do SQUID TRIPS ... CANYON TRIPS ... MACKEREL  and DIVE CHARTERS ... Leave your number for the call list.

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