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Rods and Reels.


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We have added to and upgraded our Rod and Reel Selection from last year. We think that everyone will be able to find a setup that suits them on the Maureen Ann. I have taken some pictures to give you an idea of what we have. You are very welcome to bring your own gear as always. Let me know what you think on the contact us page ... Thanks

Bottom Fishing starts the season ...

  The trusty combination of Penn conventional reels and Graphite rods are still on board.The new additions this year are 4 Shimano Corvalis reels on Duren Rods. This set up is every bit as sensitive as Graphite but has enough backbone and drag to fight a Striper or a Bluefish.( The new rods weren't in when I took the pictures) These will be perfect for Tautog, Black Sea Bass and Scup (Porgies) and anything bigger that comes along.

Heavy Gear ...



   Penn 320 levelwinds and a pair of Okuma 50W lever drags all on strong stand up rods. Whether fishing deep water for Cod or trying to pull a Striper out of the current in the Canal these rods can do the job.

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   Three new Shimano 6500 Baitcasters on Ugly Stick Tigers. This is a beautiful set up . We have had one of these for years and decided to get 3 new ones. Spooled with braid they should cast nicely ...

   Below we have 3 Penn 8500 reels on Penn Powersticks ... Some big fish have been caught on these.





  Penn 80  Penn 80  Class reels for the big Bluefin Tuna. We expect to be Tuna fishing by mid-June. It looks like the regulations are going to make it worthwhile. We will start booking trips as soon as we are a little more sure. Two more set-ups are on the shop, so we will be able to run five lines when we are trolling. Cant wait !

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